Preparing your semi-truck for summer driving

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Are you ready for summer? And what about your big rig? It seems like driving a truck in summer is much easier than in winter. But warm weather brings challenges too. And just as it is important for the driver to protect himself from the sun and stay hydrated, the truck must also be prepared for the summer. And even if your truck performed well in cool weather, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any problems in the summer. So what should you pay attention to?

Air Conditioner

It is very important that there is a comfortable temperature in the truck cab. Getting too hot can lead to sleepiness, dehydration, and increased irritability. Therefore, the correct operation of the air conditioner is so important. Check it work in advance, replace defective parts, and inspect for leaks in the hoses.

Tire Pressure

Any experienced driver knows how important the correct tire pressure is. And it changes from season to season. After all, high temperatures increase air pressure. Your tires should have the correct pressure, so check it regularly. And don’t forget to inspect your tires for wear – this is critical to your safety.

Battery Life

The battery charge is influenced not only by the cold but also by the heat. But many truckers forget that high temperatures can damage the battery. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to check battery charge and electrolyte levels regularly.


Your truck cannot function well if coolant does not circulate properly through the engine. Check your coolant hoses for damage and always have stocked on antifreeze. And don’t forget that you need to change coolant hoses from time to time. Consult with your mechanic.

Engine Belts

Engine belts usually last a very long time. Therefore, they are often overlooked. But they become frayed too. If you see cracks in the belts, replace them immediately. Also, check if they need tightening. 

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