Jobs for Owner Operators

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Do you have your own commercial truck? Owner Operator Land can help you to find the job that will satisfy your needs and cover your spendings. Don’t waste your time on a job search. We’ll do it for you.


How Does It Work?

Fill up the form

Fill up the form, so we can start working with you. After receiving the data and processing it, we will immediately contact you.

Sign up the documents

When your data is processed, we’ll send you a lease agreement that you must sign. After signing, send it back, and the president of the company signs it as well. The confirmed agreement is returned to you. You must always have these papers in your truck.

Receive the documents

In addition to the signed agreement, you will receive a parcel that includes: company stickers (company name, address, DOT, MC, etc) and ELD (device + connectors).


After receiving the parcel, your dispatcher will connect with you and inform about the first cargo and orientation in South Carolina. Orientation is necessary for all owner operators.

First Run

As orientation is completed and your truck has been inspected by our mechanics, you can start your work.

What We Do

Owner Operator Land is a recruiting agency that specializes in:


Owner operators employment

We are searching for independent contractors who are ready to work with a company that can provide them with great benefits, top pay, and good working conditions


Truck maintenance

We can take care of your truck. Our specialists and mechanics can save your vehicle anytime and anywhere. We offer 24/7 support for our owner operators


CDL School

If you want to start your experience in commercial trucking, you will need to have a CDL. One of our partners, Carolina CDL Training Center, is a CDL school where you can obtain your license with a guaranteed 100% chance of employment

Our Benefits


Earn up to 95% of every load

Owner Operators with truck and trailer can earn up to 95% of every load. On a payday, you will get your salary right to your personal account without any delays.


No forced dispatch

We want our owner operators to plan their working schedule and home time. We appreciate family values and want you to decide when and how many times you want to be on the road.


Tech & driver support 24/7/365

Experienced Dispatchers and Sales Team that help you 24/7, provide you with as many loads as you need to. Skillful mechanics can maintain your truck and fix any problem.

Our Opportunities

Hot shot
Flatbed / Stepdeck
Straight truck
Cargo van
Car Hauler
Dry van
Box Truck
Sprinter van
Hot shot
Hot shots are good for fast, time-sensitive, and medium-sized loads. Fast delivery means extra numbers in a paycheck, so use your truck to perform quality transportation service. In addition, if the load is too small for a big rig – it will be neglected, but these kinds of loads are very good for hot shots. And you can get extra money from it.
Flatbed / Stepdeck
In today’s logistics, the flatbed is the most demanded type of the trailer. Working as a flatbed / stepdeck owner operator you can make a fortune by hauling different types of oversized cargo. You must be very experienced to haul flatbed / stepdeck cargo but this experience pays off very well.
Running a reefer truck it is always a responsibility. Temperature-sensitive and perishable goods require a lot of driver experience. Luckily for you, you can earn good money by running a refrigerator truck and using that experience. Many industries need reefer trucks to transport their goods, so you’ll always have a cargo to ship.
Straight truck
A straight truck is a highly demanded type of commercial vehicle. Even with the medium capacity, it can be used for a wide range of delivery services. As an owner operator, you choose what type of cargo to haul and gain profit of.
Cargo van
Perform fast and safe delivery by running your cargo van. Any transportation company will be happy to hire an experienced owner operator who knows how to make good money with a small van.
Car Hauler
Car haulers are welcomed in any trucking company. For an owner operator, it is a great chance to earn a competitive salary Because car hauler is a highly demanded type of commercial transport. The more cars your trailer can fit, the more money you’ll get from the haul. Use this opportunity to earn a good salary.
Dry van
Dry Van is a preferred type of trailer to deliver goods. Usually, these are LTL and FTL dedicated freight that travels on the long distances. Any trucking company would love to have a skillful owner operator in their fleet. Choose the load and make money with your dry van.
Box Truck
Box truck opens many job opportunities for its owner. You can haul regular LTL and FTL loads, be bound to a small business in your town and haul their cargo, or you can raise some money by moving household items. We’ll find the company that will pick the best job for you and your truck.
Sprinter van
Carry loads fast and safe in your sprinter van. Choose the company that will provide you with flexible routes that bring profit. Build long-term relationships with the clients and enjoy your work.