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Is there an age requirement on my tractor?

We are working with all trucks, but if you have truck older than 2009 we will require a list of pictures of your truck for our mechanic department.

Can I get discounts on business expenses like tires and glass?

We have shops where you can get discounts for parts.

Who pays the fuel tax?

You are paying fuel tax, but our IFTA department will do all the paperwork for you.

Will you cover my base plates and permits?

We can make for you plates (if you have a semi truck), but we will deduct the price of it from your paycheck. The same is with permits.

Do you pay tolls and scale tickets?

No, we do not pay tolls and scale tickets.

Will I need my insurance or I will use yours?

It depends on the way you work. If you work under the company’s MC – the company provides the insurance.

When will I get the salary?

You’ll receive the salary every week to your deposit without any delays.