Straight Truck Owner Operator Jobs:

Challenging but Profitable

Being an owner operator is challenging, but it’s always profitable. If you have a vehicle that can handle any cargo, you have the opportunity to start a rewarding career in logistics.

Owner Operator Land can choose a perfect company for you and your truck.

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Everything You Need to Know About Straight Truck Jobs in Owner Operator Land

Owner Operator Land collaborates with reliable and trusted logistics companies, which are always searching for skillful and qualified owner operators with straight trucks.

A straight truck is a highly in-demand vehicle with medium capacity that can handle up to 12,000 pounds of cargo or 12 standard pallets. It is a great solution for the following needs:

  • FTL shipping
  • LTL shipping
  • Home moving
  • Regular delivery of goods to trade points
  • Dedicated and expedited shipping

We don’t have forced dispatch. As an owner operator, you can choose the most profitable cargo to carry so you can get great pay—on top of being better able to manage your schedule.


Straight Truck Owner Operator Salary

With Owner Operator Land, you decide how much you’ll earn. Annual pay depends on your specialization and the mileage. As stated above, owner operators choose the cargo and the number of miles to run. In other words, the wage is up to you.

In general, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a straight truck driver can earn up to $50,000 per year. However, all numbers are based on statistical data, varying across companies and regional drivers. Independent contractors and owner operators are making much more due to a wider variety of cargo and route options.

Benefits for Owner Operators


95% of the load gross profit goes right back into your pocket


24/7 dispatch support


Flexible schedule and more free time at home


Repair Shops nationwide where you can get discounted vehicle maintenance


Vetted network companies will offer you an amazing partnership


Limitless opportunities to grow your owner operator business

Owner Operator Requirements

We are looking for skilled and qualified owner operators who intend to earn more and extend their experience in logistics.  But don’t let that deter you: we also hire new drivers who want to start a new career as owner operators. What we expect from applicants:

  1. CDL Class A or B or a regular driver’s license
  2. One full year (no less than 12 months) of recent straight/box truck experience
  3. 22 years of age .or older
  4. Able to pass Federal DOT Physical and Drug Screen
  5. Running under our authority (MC) only
  6. Be reliable, punctual, and self-motivated
  7. Have a great attitude and strong work ethic