Car Hauler Owner Operator Jobs:

Develop Your Career in Logistic

Regardless of what type of truck you have (semi or hotshot), car hauling may be very profitable. However, to get frequent and high-paying loads, you need to work with a good company.

Owner Operator Land can pick a great carrier company just for you.


We Have Car Haul Owner Operator Companies That Meet Your Expectations

Our primary goal is to pick the right company for each owner operator who comes to us. After receiving your data, we choose the company that best fits you, your possibilities, and your truck. In this way, you can get the best profit from your skills.

All you need is to fill out our form, and we’ll contact you ASAP. You don’t need to waste your time on a job search—we’ll find opportunities for you.


Car Hauler Owner Operator Salary

The companies that we work with can offer up to 90% (and more) of every haul. The salary of each owner operator depends on the type of the trailer itself—that is, on the number of cars that can be hauled.

Salary also varies from the routes you take. Long haul owner operators will get almost double of what regional drivers make. The average pay for car hauling, according to Indeed, is from $49,000 to $186,000 annually.

Benefits for Owner Operators


95% of the load gross profit goes right back into your pocket


24/7 dispatch support


Flexible schedule and more free time at home


Repair Shops nationwide where you can get discounted vehicle maintenance


Vetted network companies will offer you an amazing partnership


Limitless opportunities to grow your owner operator business

Owner Operator Requirements

We are looking for skilled and qualified owner operators who intend to earn more and extend their experience in logistics. Also, we hire new drivers who want to start a new career as an owner operator. Here are a few things we expect from applicants:

  1. Class A CDL
  2. One full year (no less than 12 months) of recent CDL experience with the equipment
  3. 22 years of age or older
  4. Able to pass Federal DOT Physical and Drug Screen
  5. Be reliable, punctual, and self-motivated
  6. Have a great attitude and strong work ethic