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As the truck driver recruiting agency's CEO, I deeply understand the unique challenges and demands truck drivers face.

Drawing from my extensive work experience, I bring knowledge in truck driver recruitment, logistics, and transportation management. I possess a comprehensive understanding of industry regulations, safety standards, and best practices, ensuring that the agency adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and compliance.

Now, looking back and remembering my path from the very beginning, it seems to me that this story is a lifetime. During all these years of development and growth of our agency, I took part in no less interesting projects in which my experience, knowledge and vision were needed. And I was also able to gain new skills, contacts and experience by participating in the development of these projects from various fields, such as cargo transportation, trucking companies, e-commerce, parcel delivery and much more! But the best is yet to come!

Best Financial and Operational Tips for Owner Operators

To ensure a smooth career in the trucking industry, potential owner-operators must undertake substantial operational and financial preparations. Financial readiness involves developing a comprehensive budget, setting aside funds for both start-up and ongoing costs, and recognizing the crucial role of good credit in loan approval. The decision between new and used trucks, exploring various financing…

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Best States for Owner Operators in 2024

For owner-operators, location plays a crucial role that can greatly influence their profitability and sense of fulfillment at work. The proper state can offer more possibilities, fewer regulations, and an improved standard of living, leading to a more fulfilling and prosperous career. This article, with your role as owner-operators in mind, aims to identify the best…

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How Can AI be Used in the Trucking Industry

Artificial intelligence has quickly developed from a sci-fi idea to a vital technology that is changing numerous aspects of our lives. AI, which encompasses robotics, machine learning, and natural language processing, makes it possible for machines to carry out tasks that ordinarily demand human intelligence. AI is a cornerstone of innovation across numerous sectors, driven…

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Fastest Semi Truck

When we think of speed, the sleek contours of sports cars and the roar of motorcycles usually come to mind. Rarely do we imagine the hulking presence of a semi-truck barreling down the highway at record-breaking speed. But in the realm of automotive innovation, things are always being done beyond the limits of possible. Welcome to…

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Where Do Hot Shot Drivers Sleep

Hot shot drivers play a crucial role in ensuring timely delivery of small, urgent loads across vast distances. These drivers confront different obstacles than their long-haul counterparts because they frequently work under pressure and navigate different terrains. The essential problem of where to sleep is one of those obstacles. While regular truckers may have access…

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How Much Do Truckers Make Per Mile

Income plays a significant role in determining whether or not the trucker will continue with their career. Per-mile earnings serve as a critical metric and reflect how much a trucker makes per each driven mile. It helps truckers gauge their earning potential, negotiate with carriers, and track their income over time. In this article, we will…

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How Much Do Car Haulers Make?

Car hauling is a tricky yet profitable business. Based on the 2024 statistics data, the average per-mile pay in the USA is around $3.4. While this already sounds pretty good for many car haulers, experienced ones can easily double this rate. At the same time, newcomers may have to settle for less profit, starting at $2 or…

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