Dry Van Driving Job:

Exciting Career Opportunities

Operating a dry van truck offers abundant opportunities in transportation. They are crucial for transporting various goods and are widely used. Dry van drivers often have consistent schedules, enhancing work-life balance. Compared to other trucking jobs, they require less specialized training and equipment, making them accessible for beginners or those transitioning. Overall, driving a dry van offers steady work and diverse cargo, making it an appealing option for a successful trucking career.


Dry Van Driver Opportunities at Owner Operator Land

Owner Operator Land is your trusted partner in connecting dry van drivers with reputable carrier companies. Our strength is matching drivers with transportation companies that respect dependability, professionalism, and fair compensation. We can assist you in locating the ideal carrier match, regardless of your level of skill in the field, whether you’re an experienced driver seeking new prospects or just getting started.

Leave an application on our website right now, and we will bring you closer to a prosperous and satisfying career as a dry van driver. Make the most of your experience and skills with Owner Operator Land!


Income for Dry Van Drivers

Dry van drivers who collaborate with one of Owner Operator Land’s esteemed carrier partners can earn impressive incomes. They offer up to $3,500 per week or receive up to 30% of the gross profit. From our side, we ensure clarity and equity in payment arrangements.

By teaming up with our carriers, dry van drivers can access great earning opportunities while benefiting from the support and reputation of established companies in the transportation sector. Apply today to boost your logistics career.

Benefits for drivers


Up to 30% of the load gross profit goes right back into your pocket


24/7 dispatch support


Limitless opportunities to grow your income


No fees for recruitment services


Connecting with dozens of logistics companies to match you with the perfect opportunity


Your personal recruiter to support your career path

Dry Van Driver Requirements

We are looking for skilled and qualified drivers who intend to earn more and extend their experience in logistics. Also, we hire new drivers who want to start a new career as company drivers. Here are a few things we expect from applicants:

  1. Class A CDL
  2. One full year (no less than 12 months) of recent CDL experience with the equipment. If you are a newbie but want to start a career in logistics, you can still contact us, and we will find a suitable option for you.
  3. 22 years of age or older
  4. Able to pass Federal DOT Physical and Drug Screen
  5. Be reliable, punctual, and self-motivated
  6. Have a great attitude and strong work ethic