Back Office Service:
We Can Take Care of Your Paperwork

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If you are a fleet owner, most of your day revolves around routine documentation and bills. But you can spend your time building up your business instead.

Our Back Office Solutions provides you with a team of specialists with over 15 years of experience in administrative outsourcing for dozens of trucking companies, totaling over 4000 units. We can handle:

For a small fee, you can forget about the annoying paperwork and fully focus on your business and family.

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Accounting Services:
We Will Take Care of Your Finances

Trust your finance flow to experienced accountants. Your income statements and balance sheet will be prepared according to all accepted accounting principles.
We provide the following services in accounting:

  • Checking POD
  • Invoicing process
  • Payment monitoring & collection
  • Quickbook services

Successful accounting is key to the effective management of the business.

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HR Management

If your business requires skillful drivers, our HR team will find them for you. Forget about employment issues, because our specialists can find the right people for you. Our HR team can provide:

  • Pre-employment verification
  • Certification of Violations/Annual
  • MVR Review
  • Driver Qualification file setup, monitoring, and storage
  • Monthly review of Drug and Alcohol Testing

We utilize adequate policies, contracts, and procedures in our job. You can be sure that your business will grow.

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Safety Control:
We Will Be on Guard of Your Employee’s Safety

When it comes to safety control in the trucking industry, there are many things to be aware of. You must care about drivers’ safety and fleet operability. Our Back Office service can help you take control of each safety aspect that is required by your business. Safety department provides:

  • Preventable Safety Audit (Highly recommended)
  • Development and Administration of DOT Safety Compliance Program
  • Submit updated MCS-150
  • Review Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Review Company Policy
  • Weekly monitor your CSA scores
  • Hours of Service auditing & violations weekly reports
  • ELD Training for new and existing drivers.
  • Weekly review of all roadside inspections and follow-up documents.
  • Safety corrective actions (roadside inspections)
  • Monthly review of Accident Register.
  • DataQ’s challenge
  • Traffic tickets challenge
  • Vehicle Maintenance Files set-up and monitoring
  • Road service assistant (breakdown support, shop quotes, etc.)

Get rid of any possible risks and problems for your business, as our specialists will handle all the paperwork connected to safety and handle it well.

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Protecting Your Business

Insurance is an important part of any business. Insurance in the trucking industry affects trucks, as a part of your business, and the freight, as you responsible for its safety. Our insurance team can handle:

  • Claim support
  • Changes to insurance
  • Contact policyholders to provide insurance coverages
  • Evaluation and claims processing, recommendations for resolution.
  • Oversee all insurance certificates expirations and contact insurance agents
  • Oversee the insurance payments to minimize the risk of financial loss
  • Handle insurance renewal processes

Reduce organization costs and time wasted on paperwork, eliminate human errors with our insurance outsource service.
We utilize adequate policies, contracts, and procedures in our job. You can be sure that your business will grow.

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Save Your Time and Money

Registrations are important in the trucking business. However, routine bureaucracy is not something you want to spend your time on. Our specialists will take all the red tape related to registrations and permits. We provide:

  • Registration services
  • Permits

Focus your resources on your business because we will take care of all registrations.

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Ifta Reports:
Keep Fuel Reports Under Control

The International Fuel Tax Agreement requires all carriers to report their fuel taxes. When you own a few trucks it can be easy, but when you are a fleet owner, this task can become tricky. That’s why our team offers you the following services:

  • Fuel Tax and Miles Reporting
  • Fuel & Highway Use Tax Quarterly Reports
  • State Distance Monthly Quarterly Taxes Reports
  • Fuel Efficiency Report By Truck – MPG’s
  • Quarterly and Annual Fleet Miles Report

Don’t miss due dates to submit your reports, just let us handle your IFTA reports.

If you require any support with paperwork and bureaucracy routine that distract you from your business, be sure to contact us. Our Back Office Service team are experienced and dedicated specialists who can handle any task. Contact us now!

We utilize adequate policies, contracts, and procedures in our job. You can be sure that your business will grow.

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