How to Stay Healthy While Driving: Best Tips for Truck Drivers

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Written by Mike Skliar

Driver’s Lifestyle Is a Proven Issue

It is not a secret that life on the road can be unhealthy. Truck drivers, due to their lifestyle, are suffering from more health problems than people with a different career. Diesel fumes, irregular sleep, fast food, sitting for long hours are the main, but not the last issues.


Staying healthy and be in shape is essential for the driver, but not everyone can handle a new lifestyle. Many truckers don’t even start or give up early because it is too difficult for them to follow all the changes. We recommend you to choose one or two things that you want to change and work on them. When you succeed in this two – start working on something else.

Your Wellness Is in Your Hands

Never give up! The health tips listed below are easy to implement, just don’t get frustrated. Be creative with every tip and try to complete each of them and your life will be much easier. Be proud of your accomplishments, even if they’re small. Don’t compare yourself to other, because you are an individual and your needs are unique.

Now let’s get to the best part and see all the health tips you need.

Health Tips for Drivers That Actually Work

Dehydration is not your friend

The average norm of water for a grown person is 1.5-2 liters a day. Try to keep a bottle near you and sip away throughout the day because when you feel thirsty, your body is already suffering from dehydration.

Dehydration causes many health issues: heat injury, hypovolemic shock (low blood volume shock), seizures, urinary and kidney problems. Some of them may be life-threatening, especially when you are driving, so take care of yourself and drink as much as you can.

Fruits & Veggies are Must-have

You need to eat fruit and vegetables not only because of vitamins and minerals. They also improve digestion and overall health.

Such fruits as apples and pears are traveling well. You can buy fresh fruits or fruit cups, but be sure to buy them without sugar syrup. You don’t need that extra sugar because fruits are already full of fructose, it is natural and good for your body.

Dried fruits can play as well. They travel well, don’t take much space, and full of fructose.

And there is nothing better than fresh, raw veggies. Cucumbers, celery, carrot, broccoli, and bell pepper are good ones for you, especially with some peanut or almond butter.

Say “No” to Stimulants

We all need a good morning coffee to wake up. You don’t need to stop drinking it, just do it less. You can replace coffee with tea or some juice instead.

As for the energy drinks – they’re bad for your health. It is better to replace them with healthier alternatives: water, green tea, protein shake, smoothie or green juice. Even a small bar of dark chocolate contains more energy and be better for your health than some sugar-full drink.

Eat Meat, But Not Over Exaggerate

Meat is a perfect source of protein, but you should not be focused on ‘only meat diet.’ Some vegetables and peanuts can be powerful a source of protein as well. Just add other sources of protein to your daily diet.

Bye-bye Junk Food

Junk food is one of the main reasons for the driver’s bad health. Potato chips, burgers, fries are not the things you need to eat. You just need to replace them with healthier alternatives. Nuts, apples, crackers, berries, dark chocolate, almonds, hard-boiled eggs can be healthy and tasty as well.


Regular 8 hours of sleep is all you need. Also, try to make the bed and rising time to be steady. Enough amount of sleep = a sharp mind & refreshed body.

If you want your melatonin level high – try to use a sleep mask or sleep in ‘dark room.’

Dietary Supplements

You can’t always find good food when on the road. So extra nutrients are must-have things for drivers. You can consult with a nutritional expert and purchase supplements that suited for you. Multivitamin and vitamin C supplements is the most important.


Regular exercise might be difficult to fit into your schedule. You should find an exercise that matches to your abilities. Even 10 minutes at the start is enough to shake your body a little.

Good exercise helps to stay in shape because your weight must be right for body proportions (height, bone structure, body type).

Stress Release

You must find a way to relax every day. Not only your body, but your mind needs a de-stress. Find something that makes you happy: exercise, reading, music, a good laugh, anything that makes you feel good.

While you are driving – play your favorite song and hit that high notes. A good jam is always improving the mood!

One More Thing – Stay Connected

Technology is here to help. Any social media, messenger, or a simple call is good to connect with family and friend. Share the photos from your trip, tell stories, a good talk is always a stress release. Just don’t distract on your phone, while driving. Use wireless headset or loudspeaker.

There are also many apps that make your road life easier (we’ve made a post about them). You will find what you need.

Choose the goals that fit you and reach for them step by step. Don’t try to do all of them at the same time it is a road to failure. Change what you eat and drink more water then add some exercises and activity. Improve your lifestyle and become healthier.

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