How to Get High-Paying Truck Loads

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Written by Mike Skliar

While the trucking industry is increasingly suffering from a shortage of drivers, this does not affect the rates for the cargo. In 2020, truckers had to risk their health working in a COVID-19 pandemic, and their income only fell. A lot of them have complained that rates were so low they couldn’t even afford the fuel. So are there any ways to find higher-paying loads? Because nowadays it is not enough just to check the load boards.

Know your expenses and income

It is not possible to understand what a profitable load is if you do not know your operating costs. Of course, calculating this information will take some effort, but you definitely need this. Because you will know how much you can charge per mile. And this knowledge will help you avoid money-losing loads and even bankruptcy of your owner-operator business.

Always leave your contact details

There is huge competition among truck drivers. So why not do everything so that the customer remembers you. Make it a rule to leave your business card or other handouts with your contact details after finishing every delivery. 

Know the type of client you want

If you are the owner of the operator, then you are primarily not a trucker, but a businessman. So you should know your target audience or just your ideal client. For what? Because it will help you create a plan to find them and have a list of criteria sets. Of course, not all of your customers will meet all of these requirements, but you will know what to aim for in order to have a stable income.

Find your own direct customers

Where will you first look for a well-paid freight? Of course, load boards. But we have a better idea without any middleman. What about having your own customers book you directly? Yes, building your customer base will take time and hard work. But it is what will bring you a better profit.

Advertise your services

And while you do not have regular customers, you should not expect that the loads will find you on their own. Find a list of prospects, for example, call logistic companies or send them an email. Create your website – it is even a better way to advertise your services than business cards. Show pictures of your truck and trailer, tell about yourself and your unique services. By the way, if you already know your ideal clients (as we advised above), you can try to find them through industry associations, like a local association of retailers or something like that. Try to join them. Usually, they have a list of their members so you will be able to contact them.

Use a recruiter agency services 

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