Christmas Tips for Truckers

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Written by Mike Skliar

We all know Santa doesn’t deliver your gifts — a trucker does. Therefore, holidays are one of the most difficult and busy seasons for freight carriers. Truck drivers have to deal with a huge amount of work, bumper-to-bumper traffic, difficult weather conditions, and in addition the stress due to being alone on Christmas. The following tips will help to stay safe and feel happier while trucking during the holidays.

Schedule your time

Of course, Christmas time is a great opportunity to make extra money. But try to decide in advance how much time you want to work and how much rest. Don’t overdo it! Care about yourself, your health, and your safety. Plan your time and discuss this issue with your employer. For example, it is important for you to visit your kids’ school Christmas performance or be with your family on Christmas Eve. Try to find an option that suits both of you. Hope you don’t have forced dispatch. If you have a day off and would like to spend it with your family, try to find cheap flights. Don’t waste your time waiting for the load, just park your truck securely.

Stay in touch with your family and friends

With today’s technology, it is much easier to feel closer to your family and friends. So use it! Arrange a ZOOM conference while you are at the truck stop. Keep in touch via Skype or FaceTime during holiday dinner. Send photos of beautiful places that you saw during your trip. Looking for something more old school? What about sending Christmas postcards? It will definitely pleasantly surprise them! They even can put together a collection of your postcards from different locations.

Christmas on the road

Get yourself into the Christmas mood on the way. Play Christmas songs on your radio. Decorate your truck with a Christmas wreath and lights. Take from home or buy a gingerbread cookie. Watch your favorite Christmas movies during your rest. And remember, if your schedule doesn’t allow you to be home for Christmas, you can celebrate when you get home. Let it be a new tradition. 

Be patient and careful in winter conditions

Winter weather is always a challenge for truck drivers. And in the festive season, this is also added to very busy traffic, because everyone goes to their families. Be careful! Don’t forget to remove ice and snow from your truck, don’t rush, minimize lane changing, and maintain a full fuel tank. Read more winter tips for truckers here and here

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