Top 5 Items Every Trucker Needs in Winter

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Every truck driver has a list of essentials to bring on the road. There is an emergency kit, extra clothes, food, water, shower kit, GPS, map, etc. But winter brings with it new challenges, so in addition to these usual things, you will need something else to feel comfortable and safe. We’ve prepared the top 5 items that you definitely need in your truck during winter.

Warm clothes

It is better to dress in layers, not just take one bulky coat. Have extra clothes so you will be able to change after working outside the truck. Don’t forget about waterproof gloves and boots, insulated socks, a hat, or even a ski-mask. Another important thing is a reflective jacket. It can help you to stay safe despite reduced visibility.

Extra food and water

You never know what situation you might find yourself in. The trip may take longer than you expected. Many restaurants along the way may be closed due to the weather. You may have to stop and wait out a strong blizzard. Therefore, an additional supply of food and water is essential. And if you are traveling with a dog or cat, do not forget to bring some extra pet food too.

Bag of ice melt or road salt

If you need a bit of additional traction in case of snow or ice build-up around the drive wheels, it can help your truck to move. Non-clumping clay kitty litter or sand is also excellent for these purposes.

Fuel additives

Paraffin wax in diesel fuel can gel up and crystalize in freezing temperatures. This leads to the fact that the fuel filter is clogged and the engine can’t get enough fuel to run. The solution is to use fuel additives at each fill-up.

Bunk warmer

It is what will keep you warm on winter night without idling the engine and this terrible noise. It plugs into the lighter socket, pre-warms your bed, helps you stay warm and it is much cheaper than leaving your engine running.