5 Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

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Written by Mike Skliar

Winter is the most challenging season for truck drivers. Icy roads, low temperatures, blizzard, and other extreme weather conditions can be extremely dangerous. We’ve put together a few tips to make your winter travels a little easier.

Inspect your truck beforehand

You should do a pre-trip inspection of your truck before every journey, but this is especially important in winter. Pay attention to the tire pressure, power, and charging system, wiper blades and Lights, engine oil, and antifreeze levels, clear the snow from the exhaust pipe.

Prepare a winter kit

You must be prepared for any unforeseen situation, for example, an accident or difficult weather conditions, which will need to wait out. Warm clothes, blankets, non-perishable food, water, extra coolant and additives, a bag of sand for traction, a flashlight, shovel, matches, a windshield scraper will be useful to you. 

Slow down and be cautious

Hundreds of accidents happen every year just because someone is accelerating. When you drive on a slippery road, you need more time to react, and the braking distance also increases. Therefore, it is better to have some extra space between your truck and other vehicles. Also, slow speed will help you to compensate for the poor traction. Be attentive and try to stay in your lane.

Check weather forecast

Forewarned is forearmed. You should be prepared for the worst weather conditions. Always check the local forecast. You can use a variety of mobile apps, check closed routes via GPS systems, listen to the radio, or call your base. So you will be able to choose an alternative and more safe way. But if the weather gets too treacherous, it’s best to find a safe place and stop.

Drive smoothly

Try not to make sudden moves/sudden braking, turning; you can lose control of the truck. Try to maintain a constant speed. It is vital because in winter you cannot be sure of the condition of the road. For example, bridges are often not treated with ice-/snow-melt materials and may be covered with black snow. Read more skid avoiding tips here.

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