CDL Training On The Road: What to expect

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Written by Mike Skliar

Getting out on the road with a trainer is one of the biggest fears for every novice truck driver after CDL school graduation. You will have to share a truck, spend a lot of time together, and try to find common ground. On the trucker forums, you’re bound to find hundreds of complaints about terrible instructors. And of course, some trainers are not the best truckers, they just need money. And they can be rude. Whatever the case, this period is extremely important for your career, so we have a few tips on how to get the most out of it.

Keep it professional

First of all, it is worth realizing that you are not friends and should not become one. Therefore, maintain a professional relationship. Do not discuss overly personal topics, especially religion and politics. Don’t be too self-confident – you just start your career and no less than 10% about trucking. And feel when it is better to shut up and listen to your instructor.

Remember why you do this

You want to become a professional trucker and earn good money. Don’t forget your main goal and follow it. Usually, the instructor has several year’s experiences, so it will be really useful for you. So don’t be lazy or get offended if the trainer tells you the same things again and again. This is a learning process and this information is important. Show him that you are serious about your career. Practice backing as much as possible – usually, it is a big problem for newbie drivers. So make good use of your break time at a truck stop. Ask for feedback about your improvement and any questions you have about this work. 

Ask For A New Trainer. O not?

Feel like you are not learning as much as you should about driving and work in trucking? You can always ask to change your trainer. Most companies will do this if you ask them and explain your reason. But if the instructor is really good, but you just don’t like his personality, just accept this fact. In your career as a truck driver, you will meet completely different people. And you won’t be able to find a common language with everyone. As we said, just stay professional and go towards your goal. Try not to take it personally, ok?

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