Everything You Want to Know About Paid CDL Training

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Written by Mike Skliar

The best first step in your trucking career is CDL school. Of course, you can get your CDL class A on our own, but here we told why it is not a good idea. You can choose between private CDL school and company-sponsored CDL training (paid CDL training). The last one can be a great opportunity if you cannot afford to attend school. But there is not the only advantage of paid CDL training.

What is a company-sponsored CDL training?

You choose a trucking company that has its own CDL school and such a program. They pay for your training, and after receiving your CDL you will have to work for them for a specified amount of time (usually from 6 to 15 months, sometimes longer). 

Pros of paid CDL training:

  • It is free for you. Some companies even pay for your accommodation and meals;
  • You are guaranteed to have a job. A lot of graduates have problems with finding a job when they don’t have any work experience;
  • You will be learning with company equipment and will first drive with your instructor as team drivers.
  • The company is interested in you because they have invested in you. This means they will not leave you after the first setback that happens to everyone in the first year of work.

Cons of paid CDL training:

  • Some paid CDL training is not completely free – the company can deduct the training fee from your monthly payment;
  • You will not have a choice. Even if you do not enjoy working for this company, you cannot leave until the contract ends. Or you will have to pay them for your training.
  • Be ready for the low pay during this period of work.

How to choose your sponsored CDL training:

  • Have a consultation with a lawyer about your contract;
  • Talk with truckers who took part in these programs, at least try to find some information on forums;
  • Ask how much money you will get during this program and how long will you have to work for them;
  • Ask about the work you will do. Will it be OTR, regional or local trucking? How many paid miles will you have during a week? What type of truck and trailer will you have? 
  • It would be better to find a company in your area – it will be more convenient for you and your family.
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