Skid Avoiding Tips For Big Truck Drivers

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Written by Mike Skliar

Winter is here, and it brings a lot of dangers for truckers. Slippery roads caused by black ice or sleet are one of them. Knowing how to brake and avoid skid will save you from many accidents and crashes. We have gathered some handy advice to use for preventing skid. However, some of them are useful for windy weather as well.

First of All – Safety Braking

You should never hit the brakes hard. This is a straight way to slide on a slippery road as at least one of the duals are locked up. When the brakes are not maintained enough, they can lock steering axle brakes and trust us, you don’t want that.

What you need to do is feather the brakes. When riding a big truck, it is to push the brake pedal slowly. Apply pressure a few times to imitate the ABS system motion. This is the best way to slow a big truck without skidding.

Care for Stopping Distances

Each truck has its own stopping distance. Add here moving speed, hauled load weight and height, road conditions, and you’ll get a different number. The point here is always to expect a longer distance. Double the numbers, at a minimum. 

Overestimating the stopping distance will help you to avoid skid or jackknife in case of an urgent stop.

Jake Brake. Use It. 

It is also a great instrument to slow down a truck. Not all drivers use it, and some residential areas ban jake brake use.

Keep in mind that jake brake use requires some experience. 

Go Down the Hills Slowly

Skeed hills are dangerous, and you know that well. Descent slowly, and you will avoid a fatal situation. Better take more time to go down the hill than lose your load, truck, or even your life.

Feathering the Brakes

We said about it in the first point. Feathering the brakes when descending the hill is essential. Feathering mimics the ABS braking system, and it is very handy when the tires lock up on an ice patch.

Keeping Your Trailer Straight

Keeping the trailer and the whole unit straight, it is important. The unbalanced weight of the trailer could make the unit slide. If the unit goes into a skid on a slippery road, it is impossible to stop or correct it. 

Make sure you are able to maintain straight positioning and don’t straighten out on the curves. Correcting the position on the curve will lead to slide, and to a possible crash.

Slippery roads are dangerous for all vehicles. Truckers are affected more due to the weight of the operated rig and trailer. Hitting the road in winter can lead to many problems when you are physically and mentally unprepared for it. Our goal is to inform you about little steps that can be lifesaving and help you to conquer any road.

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