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Written by Mike Skliar

As a truck driver, you must be prepared even for unexpected situations. These can be completely different issues, such as bad weather conditions (snowstorm, blizzard, tornado, flood, etc.), delays, lengthy traffic jams, problems with your truck (e.g. shattered windscreen, blown tires, brake failure, etc.), and much more. Therefore, if you don’t want to feel completely helpless, you should always have an emergency kit in your truck. 

Here is a list of the top 10 must-have items every trucker needs to have:

  • Sub-zero sleeping bag, or extra-warm blanket in case you will have to spend the night in the middle of nowhere and need to keep yourself warm.
  • A utility/pocket knife is a tool that can be used on a daily basis. It can be used to open a can of food, take tire tread depth measurements, make a tourniquet from a piece of cloth, whatever.
  • The hammer will help you expand the space to avoid a dangerous situation and can also be used in truck repairs.
  • Pepper spray – for self-defense (to repel the attacker or scare the animal).
  • A flashlight is an indispensable item on the road. It can be the most ordinary battery-powered flashlight or a modern one that turns on-and-off by motion. In any case, be sure to bring extra batteries with you.
  • First-Aid Kit with bandages, pain killers, fever-reducer, antibiotics, sterile gauze pads, antihistamines, and your prescription medications. Also, don’t forget to add face masks and hand sanitizer.
  • Basic tool kit consisting of several wrenches, extra fuses, electrical tape, and spare bulbs for headlights and sidelights, etc.
  • Сharged mobile phone and power bank. Do you remember the phone numbers of your family or friends that you can call in case of emergency? If not, write them down on paper and keep them in your wallet.
  • Local maps because even the best GPS can have some unforeseen problems.
  • CB radio is still a good way to communicate with other drivers on the road. This means that other drivers will be able to warn you about various incidents on the route, traffic jams, and other troubles.

Other essentials a trucker needs on the road:

At least three more gallons of water, some snacks, canned food and other non-perishable meal for 3 days, extra warm clothes and boots or just complete change of clothing, extra food for your pet if you have one, cash, personal hygiene items, and toilet paper, warning signs, candles for light and heat, and several other items you need if trucking in winter.

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