Injury From Unsecured Loads: 5 Tips That Can Save a Life

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Being a trucker is sometimes risky. The badly secured load can damage a truck and driver himself. The most common situation is freight falling out of the trailer. There is something a driver can do to minimize the danger.

Steps You Should Take to Avoid Injury

Your safety is number one priority. You should always be prepared and follow these tips.

Look After the Trailer Loading Process

Be involved in the loading process any possible time. Ask the shipper to properly secure the load at the rare side. You must see that the freight is secured. When you are sure that the load is braced, you can be on your way.

Secure the Load By Yourself

If the shipper doesn’t secure the load – do it yourself. Every professional trucker must have securing equipment (straps, ropes, load bars, etc.). In situations, where shipped refuses to secure the load, you should report to your dispatch.

Don’t Drive Carelessly

A fully loaded truck is hard to control in case of an accident. Our advice is to drive smoothly. Avoid sharp turns and sudden stops. Smooth driving is the best way to deliver a load without damaging everything around.

Be Careful While Open Trailer Doors

Be extra careful when opening rear doors, especially when you weren’t able to check the load before departure. The first mistake you need to avoid is to open both rear doors at once. Do not stand in front of the doors, better step aside. 

Never Leave Loading Dock Until the Freight is 100% Secured

Leaving the dock with unsecured load is a way to disaster. If your resources aren’t enough to properly secure the load, call your dispatch for advice and instructions. Hauling unsecured load is illegal by DOT regulations. 

Be a better person and professional trucker and take time to secure freight. Safety is important because even one simple mistake can lead to disaster. Be safe and take care.