Fall Driving Tips For Truck Drivers

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Every truck driver knows that driving during the winter season can be dangerous. But fall weather can be tricky too. Rain and fog, less daylight, and wet fallen leaves pose hazardous driving conditions. Here are several tips to stay safe driving during the fall season.

Be Aware Of Leaves

Fallen red and yellow leaves are beautiful, but dangerous for drivers. First of all, they can hide patches of ice and potholes on the road. Also, piles of leaves, especially wet ones, can cause the tires to slip. To avoid an accident, slow down on the part of a highway that is covered in leaves, and try to go around them.

Be ready for rainy weather

Autumn is a rainy season, and you should always be ready for this. Rain impairs visibility on the road, making it more slippery and dangerous. It is important to keep your distance from other cars and slow down. And please, don’t use high beams in fog conditions.

Watch out for deer

Fall is a breeding season for deer, so they become more active. That’s why be even more careful than always when you drive near the wood areas and pay attention to deer crossing signs. If a deer jumped onto the road in front of your truck, try not to swerve, but brake and keep the truck straight.

Be careful during dawn and dusk

In autumn, daylight hours are reduced, which means that drivers have to spend more time driving at dusk or at night. At this time of day, our eyes see much worse. Be careful and make sure all of your headlights are working. Do not forget about good sunglasses – the sun glare is worse in the fall.

Don’t forget about black ice

In autumn, temperatures can vary greatly throughout the day. Therefore, black ice can form at night and early in the morning – a thin, imperceptible layer of ice on the road. This usually occurs due to the freezing of wet asphalt or puddles. Areas with black ice can play a trick on you while braking or rounding a corner. Always be on the alert.