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Written by Mike Skliar

Refrigerated (reefer) trucking is a freight shipping method, specializing in the transportation of foods and perishable products that must be kept at or below specific temperatures (sometimes frozen, below frozen, or even a warm or moderate temperature). People always need fresh products, so your work as an owner-operator with a reefer trailer will always be in high demand. Just be ready that refrigerated trailer is not cheap. Read more about all cons and pros of reefer trucking here.

What can you ship with a refrigerated trailer?

Don’t think that the only thing you can transport is food. Since such a trailer can support a different temperature range, you can ship:

  • Perishable food and drinks;
  • Medicines and pharmaceuticals;
  • Artwork;
  • Electronics.

Where can you work? What about LTL trucking?

First of all, there are, of course, grocery warehouses, farmers’ markets, and different food retail. It can be local, regional trucking, but more often – OTR. 

As an owner-operator with a reefer trailer, your salary can start from $55,000 annually. Reefer trucking job usually pays better than a lot of others but has some features. Be ready to load and unload your trailer. Or waiting for help, sometimes waiting for a long time! And usually, you will do this at night time. For example, you can come for your 6 pm delivery appointment and go away from the dock at 2 am the next day. Unfortunately, this waiting time is unpaid. 

If you want to take several goods from different places (but in the close area), you need to choose goods that are in the same temperature range. And of course, it is extremely important to maintain a consistent temperature during the long trip.

Talking about LTL trucking for reefers, it is not easy to work on a typical LTL schedule. Due to time constraints for perishable food, refrigerated trucks operate on a strict schedule that can be difficult to coordinate. But it can be useful for farmers, that produce the same products and you can ship their loads. Sometimes for LTL aims, you may even need a trailer with different compartments to allow for safe transportation of a variety of goods at different temperatures.

Reefer jobs for owner operators

If you are looking for a reefer trucking job, Owner Operator Land has wonderful opportunities you may be interested in. We partner with dozens of trucking companies that provide regular loads and stable income. For more information, feel free to call us (855) 805-5262, (855) 528-1818, (866) 907-9068 or fill-up a form here.

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