What To Expect At Your Trucking Orientation

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Have you completed your CDL training and received a license? Now you are ready to start your career in trucking, but before this, you have to take one more step. Most companies in the trucking industry require passing a trucking orientation as a part of getting a job. So what is it and how to prepare yourself for your orientation training?

What is Trucking Orientation?

Truck driver orientation is something like a pre-interview when truck drivers are looking for a job in a logistics company. It may take from 3-4 days to several weeks which allows the company that wants to hire drivers to get to know them better. At the same time, it allows the truckers to receive an overview of the company they intend to work for. 

So during the trucking orientation, you will have a lot of paperwork, a DOT physical and drug screen, take a quick driving test, know more about the company policy and work organization. Also, you will be able to ask your questions, better understand what they’re expecting of you, and talk with your future manager, dispatcher, the head of safety, and others.

Preparing for Truck Driver Orientation

You should understand that your trucking orientation is really important for your future career. It will be the first time you meet with your future boss and other employees. First of all, you should find as much information as possible about the company you plan to work for. Don’t forget to read the employee handbook that the company sent you and make sure to write down all the questions that come to your mind.  Please, don’t be late. 

By the way, most companies provide lodging and meals during orientation. Also, they cover the transportation cost. So don’t worry about this. It is even possible to find a paid orientation and get a paycheck for your time.

Truck driver orientation checklist

During your trucking orientation, you will need the same things as for any other work-required training. Some companies send the packing checklist for their future drivers. But if your employer doesn’t, here’s a rough list of things you need:

  • personal documents, like your CDL, medical card, original birth certificate, etc.
  • comfortable work clothes and shoes you need for this period. Be aware that some employers do not allow shorts or sweatpants during the training. Better to opt for jeans or cargo pants. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast beforehand and make sure to take your rain jacket or winter hat and gloves
  • stationery supplies (pen, pencil, notebook, highlighter, etc.)
  • hygiene kit (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

For more detailed information it is better to connect with a recruiter of the company you intend to work for.