What Semi Trailers Are Most Profitable to Use in 2024

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Written by Mike Skliar

The trucking industry offers multiple income possibilities for semi truck owners. Depending on a chosen trailer, owner-operators can expand their business possibilities and work with interesting and challenging projects.

When it comes to choosing a new trailer and a rookie trucker or switching things up in your ongoing trucking venture, it is important to understand your possibilities and desires. In this article, we will focus on different types of semi truck trailers and what to expect in terms of income from them.

Dry Van

Choosing a dry van is the safest option, as dry vans are the most common type of semi-truck trailer. Dry vans are versatile and can be suited to carry various types of commodities. Also, because of that versatility, dry vans are always in high demand among multiple industries. So making income with a dry van won’t be a problem. On average, dry van owner-operator can score great annual numbers up to $228,575 a year.


Reefer trailers, often known as refrigerated trailers, are essential for carrying perishable goods. Refrigerated systems inside the trailer allow to regulate temperature, and are vital for the transportation of goods such as fresh produce, dairy products, and medications. Reefers play a crucial role in businesses where temperature control standards are strict because they guarantee that products arrive at their destination in perfect condition. It is expected that refrigerated trailers will continue to be profitable in the changing market as long as there is a continued need for frozen and fresh goods. On average, reefer owner-operators get up 50 $340,000 a year.


Because of its adaptability and capacity to move large or unusually shaped loads, flatbed trailers are highly prized. Because of their open design, flatbeds make it simpler to load and unload cargo, which makes them an excellent fit for products that could be difficult to handle in enclosed trailers. Flatbed trailers are very helpful to the construction industry, which uses them to move heavy equipment, steel beams, and lumber. Because flatbed trailers can be used for a wide range of businesses and types of freight, there is always a need for them. As for the flatbed owner operator salary, on average, they make about $170,360


Designed specifically for the transportation of liquids, tanker trailers are a critical component in industries dealing with chemicals, fuels, and food-grade products. These trailers come in various specialized configurations, such as chemical tankers, fuel tankers, and those designed for transporting food-grade liquids. Due to the nature of their cargo, compliance with safety regulations and standards is paramount. Tanker trailers cater to a niche market, where the need for specialized liquid transport contributes to their ongoing profitability. Tanker owner operators’ income can go up to $258,774 a year.

Specialized Trailers

Specialized trailers cater to specific industry needs, offering tailored solutions for transporting unique types of cargo. Car carriers, for instance, are designed to transport automobiles, playing a crucial role in the automotive industry. Livestock trailers ensure the humane transport of animals with features designed to promote their well-being during transit. In some cases, industries may require custom-designed trailers to meet specific transportation needs, contributing to a niche market where specialized solutions are in demand.

Smart and Sustainable Trailers

Trailers equipped with advanced technology and sustainability features are becoming increasingly relevant in the evolving landscape of the transportation industry. Telematics systems provide real-time tracking, monitoring, and data collection, enhancing operational efficiency. Sustainability features, such as aerodynamic designs and fuel-efficient technologies, align with the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility. Adapting to emerging regulations related to emissions and environmental impact is becoming crucial, positioning smart and sustainable trailers as a forward-looking and profitable choice for businesses aiming to stay ahead in the industry.

Regardless of the specific type of trailer an owner-operator chooses for their business needs, Owner Operator Land is poised to be the reliable bridge connecting them with trustworthy freight companies. Our platform is committed to facilitating successful partnerships between owner-operators and freight companies, ensuring that each operator can find opportunities that align with their chosen trailer type and industry specialization. With a focus on fostering collaboration and efficiency, Owner Operator Land stands ready to support owner-operators in navigating the dynamic landscape of the transportation industry, ultimately contributing to the success and profitability of their ventures.

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