Top 5 Violations That Truck Drivers Should Avoid

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Written by Mike Skliar

You can meet the roadside inspection anytime and anywhere. Always being prepared for it is a pinnacle of professional commercial driving. Knowing the most common violations and ways to avoid them will help you keep your license clean and business growing.

We have prepared 5 most common violations and ways to avoid them.

Exceeding Regulated HoS

FMCSA decrees that a driver that carrying some kind of property may drive only 14 hours after 10 hours off duty. After 14 hours on duty, the driver can not drive without 10 hours break.

Violating that rule is critical and fines by $7,322.

If you are carrying passengers, HoS is limited by 15 hours.

Driving More Than 60/70 Hours in 7/8 Days

According to the same regulation, a driver can not drive more than 60 hours in 7 days consecutively if they work don’t operate every day. For the drivers who operate every day, they can not spend more than 70 hours in 8 consecutive days.

Violating this rule brings 7 points and a fine of $4,787 on average. The biggest fine was $21,780.

Missing Records of Duty Status

Following the regulation, drivers should record their duty status for each period of 24 hours. Failing keeping your records weights you 5 points and fine from $1,270 to $12,695 per day. 

There are exceptions for drivers who qualify for the 100 and 150 air-mile radii. They are not required to keep relevant records of duty status (RODS). Although they are required to keep time records for six months.

Logs Falsification

It is a common violation among drivers. This violation can put you out-of-service (7 points). Also, it would hit your wallet by $12,695 fine.

Wrong CDL

It is the second of the most common truck driver violation. You know that there are 3 CDL classes that allow you to haul specific cargo, based on its characteristics. If you break this rule, you must give up to $5,732.

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