Time Sensitive Freight and Problems With Safety

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Time-sensitive freight transportation causes a lot of crashes and fatal cases, as many drivers neglect safety to please the boss. Driving in extreme weather conditions, driving when your body is exhausted, ignoring speed limits. These are the main things that cause unpleasant incidents and even death.

Truckers who say that they have never done at least one of those things are simply lying. The majority of truckers want their job done well; and many business owners, shippers, and dispatchers continue to parasitize on that by applying harsh time frames to drivers.

There Are No Concerns For Safety in Time-Sensitive Hauling

Time-sensitive transportation should be banned if the safety is number one priority for everyone. When you are on the road in bad weather, there are always trucks rushing like crazy, and many of them belong to big delivery companies.

Tight schedules force drivers to violate traffic rules and risk their lives only to be on time. If the driver’s safety is an essential thing for the companies, they all should reevaluate their schedule policies.

Oftentimes It Is Trucker’s Decision

Many truckers knowingly accept inhuman schedules, knowing that it can be dangerous. The most fascinating is when drivers running between 1 am and 6 am when it is scientifically proven to be dangerous due to disbalance and disturbance of tired body and natural biorhythms.

No one has a right to force you to ride all night, no one has a right to force you to ride in bad weather. You are the one who’s in charge in this situation. You know how your body feels, and are you able to continue the ride through the night. Only the driver can decide whether to stop and rest or not going on the road when the weather isn’t good.

Remember that you have only one life.