Road Rules for Truckers Written by Truckers

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Written by Mike Skliar

The trucking industry has a lot of rules and restrictions according to DOT. But there are some rules which were written by veteran drivers. They came with time and strong road experience. If you’re a rookie driver, take time and learn these rules so you can become a decent part of a big trucking family.

Unwritten Road Rules by Truckers

These rules show you how to pay respect to fellow truckers and be more carefully or the road.

Help Other Truckers

First thing first, help other drivers if you can. Even if your help is little, it will go a long way. Help other drivers to pass in a rush-hour if they need to. If you see something that can affect other driver’s ride, contact them through CB radio or flash your lights.

Don’t Brag About Your Freight

It is great to talk with other drivers, but you can’t be sure who they really are. Have some common sense and try to avoid conversations that involve information about your load. The cargo might not be valuable to your opinion, but others can be interested in it and not in a good way. Even if you speak with a trusted person, someone can overhear your chat. Pay attention to that.

Don’t Occupy the Whole Fuel Space

Deadlines are a thing for the trucking industry. If you go for a drink, snack, or bathroom, fill up first and then do your business. Pull away from the pump and park your rig in the center of the parking spot. Don’t take two spots, don’t be a douche. Respect the time of other truckers and don’t make people wait.

Greet Other Truckers

Showing comity to other drivers is important, but for truckers, it means even more because they spend a lot of time on the road. Small things, like a wave, makes trucker’s day better. Recognize their commitment to the whole economy of the country and respect it.


Trucking sometimes hard and showing respect to your colleagues on the road is essential. You will or already have experienced that yourself.

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