Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #50

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Written by Owner Operator Team

Vote guide for truck drivers

Do you want to vote, but will most likely be on the road at this time? There are several solutions to the problem: you can vote early or absentee. Everything depends on the state. And some voting rules were changed because of uncertainty around COVID-19. Read more about voting procedures here and make a decision.

ATRI 2020 Top Industry Issues Survey

Every year the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) conducts the Top Industry Issues Survey. This research identifies critical issues confronting the transportation industry and allows us to monitor issues over time. You can take part in this survey too – just fill out the form here.

Everything you want to know about DOT drug tests

FleetOwner.com asked Jared Rosenthal, founder, and CEO of Health Street about the advantages and disadvantages of a hair test, and his opinion on this test, the benefits of other tests, and even about marijuana issues in different states.

Trucking jobs opportunities for 18- to 20-year-old drivers

As you know, federal regulations currently prohibit commercial vehicle drivers from crossing state lines before they turn 21. But now a new pilot program is being prepared that will open up significantly more opportunities for young drivers. Read more about this program here.

Trucker’s story: from football to trucking

Jerry Seaman dreamed of becoming a football player, but an injury at the age of 19 made it impossible for him. Then he remembered his other hobby – trucks. Now he is 68 and still enjoying every day at work. In this post, you can read the inspirational story of his career as a truck driver.