Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #48

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Written by Owner Operator Team

How can the 2020 election affect the trucking industry

The Trump administration worked on federal hours of service (HOS) rule changes, focused on making commercial driver’s license (CDL) rules more driver-friendly, and developed the addition of the permanent crash preventability program under the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program. If Trump wins, they will most likely continue on their chosen course. But what can we expect if Biden wins? Read about it in this interesting post.

What to do if a carrier defames you

Do you know that you have the right to attempt to get erroneous information corrected or removed from your files? If your carrier defames you, you can tell your side of the story. How to do this? Read the advice in this post.

Lower traffic due to pandemic 

We are sure you noticed how much the traffic level has dropped since the quarantine was introduced. For truck drivers, this means more running miles and more money. But will people continue to work from home? Or are we going back to traffic jams and crowded highways? You can read the reasoning on this vital topic here.

Truck driver healthy tips

We all know that driving a truck is not the healthiest job. You sit a lot, you sleep badly, and of course, eat junk food. But what about everyday exercises and healthy snacks? We all know how it is important, but it won’t be superfluous to read about it again here

Kenworth introduces new options for T270, T370 trucks

The roll-back flatbed, the proven Kenworth AG210L single-axle rear suspension, CX chrome round convex mirrors, updated Bendix® side object detection system, and other options are now available for Kenworth T270 and T370 medium-duty conventional trucks. Read more on Kenworth’s official website.