Must-Have Items That Every Trucker Should Keep Inside the Truck

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Written by Mike Skliar

From long-haulers to local drivers, primarily for every driver in general, it is essential to prepare for a trip. Because you never know what could happen on the road and it is better to be ready for any occasion. There are necessary things and items that can keep you safe and comfortable.

What necessities you should always carry in your truck

Road Atlas

Despite modern gadgets and GPS, having a non-digital atlas can save you if the device dies. There are two types of atlases: a paper one and laminated. The laminated variant is a little more costly but more durable. In addition to the atlas, you need to have sticky notes or dry erase marker to make notes on the map.


You should consider warm and working variants. They’re useful for cold seasons, they protect your hand when you work with a truck, cargo, or need to touch something messy.

Wipes for Windows

Keeping your windows clean is essential for road safety. Messy window ruins your view, and you can lose control over the situation on the road. And you, of course, don’t want your truck to have a dirty windshield.

Laundry Bag and Personal Hygiene Products

Clothes and towels are better to store in a separate bag. It is easier to get fresh clothes from it, and you keep them safe from spilling liquids. Also carry shampoo, soap, skin care products (if you are using them) and extra laundry detergent. Some truck stops may lack them.


Interior and exterior lights are bright, but they can’t help you see at night if you break down. Consider regular fleshlight or the one you wear on your head.

Extra Water and Refilling Bottle

Staying hydrated is very important. Water keeps your body functioning, especially when you are sitting through all day. A refillable bottle will save your cab from stocked water bottles.

Mini Fridge or a Cooler

Having a cooler/fridge inside your truck is an excellent way to have healthy ration. You can bring your food and store it. Also, you can always have delicious fruits and veggies. If the cooler is soft-sided, you can fold it to have extra space.


Don’t ride without tools. They can be handy despite the situations when you broke down. Duct tape and electrical tape must be in your truck as well.

Emergency Kit

This one is really important. It is better to be ready for any situation while hauling the cargo. Emergency kit must include canned food, sleeping bag, extra clothing, batteries, knife, backpack, first aid kit.


Make sure that you have all the necessary things in your truck. We want you always to be prepared for any emergencies on the road. Maybe you won’t need those things, but you can help someone else instead. The trucking industry in a big family and we all should care about each other.

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