Is LTL Trucking Problematic for Truckers?

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Written by Mike Skliar

Less than truckload is a popular kind of freight transportation. The goal of the trucker is to deliver multiple parcels to different points in the specific area. However, sometimes truckers are expected or asked to help with the cargo unloading. What is enraging; that truckers are expected to do it without extra pay, and that is not okay.

We will cover some problems in LTL trucking that are valid for truckers.

Not Much Space for Big Trucks

Oftentimes, there is no place for a big truck to maneuver in delivery places. Besides lack of space, there are telephone poles, fire hydrants, dumpsters, cars, etc.

This problem is common for big trucks when smaller vehicles can easily drive there. Many receivers use their favorite line “ Trucks can always get here. You can get here easily.” But they don’t realize that smaller trucks are not semis.

People should realize how hard is to maneuver with a big truck in tight places.

It Consumes a Lot of Time

LTL delivery takes a lot of time to deliver all goods. Especially hard it gets when it is a big city with tight traffic. Most of the time truckers (company drivers) don’t get paid for the first drop (which is unacceptable) and for the mileage. HoS also ticking while you are driving around the delivery points. 

In the end, we have a wasted day and scanty pay.

Appointment Only Unloads

Appointment only unloads are a common situation for many deliveries, for example, grocery warehouses. Delay can occur anytime, because of different reasons, it happens. When the driver misses their appointment, they are forced to wait for a receiver until the next day.

This is also a waste of time and low income at the end.

An Exigent Customers

Demanding customers sometimes think that LTL delivery is the same as UPS. It is not. Trucker has its own schedule and priority of delivery. Those customers don’t have any clue about it.

Customers start to harass dispatch, and the dispatch starts to hound the trucker. Catty customers are really pesky and annoying. No trucker want to deal with this.

The Pay Is Scanty

Truckers who haul LTL do a lot of work that is not compensated. Many trucking companies benefit from LTL, however, truckers do not. The best decision for LTL trucking is to establish hourly pay or pay for each freight drop and pickup.

This situation is common for truckers who work as company drivers. When applying for LTL job, be sure that the pay is adequate, and you wouldn’t be forced to help with loading/unloading.

Stay safe and look for a more decent job because truckers deserve more.

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