Is ELD Mandate Confusing? Let’s Figure This Out

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ELD Mandate means switching from paperwork to computer data. However, for someone, it can be confusing and frustrating. Many think that paperwork is more comfortable and reliable. But you should rethink that. Because when it comes to trucking, electronic data saving not only data but lives.

Why Go with ELD?

Since the ELD mandate was implemented, according to the US DoT, truckers had saved 570 million dollars in crush reductions, 2.4 billion dollars on paperwork, 1.2 billion annual savings because of ELD. Unlike paper data, electronic data are accurate and do automatic recordings. Also, ELD transfers your data to officials quick and easy.

The main benefit of an ELD is road safety. According to medical reports, driver fatigue is a significant reason. Tired and overworked drivers can’t stay away from accidents; they can fall asleep and get off the road. According to DoT reports, more than 1844 crashes, 562 injuries were avoided, and 26 lives saved thanks to EDL.

How ELD Works?

An ELD is connected to your engine and records your working hours. Then data is transferred to the officials. The electronic logging device synchronized with the truck’s CMV engine and tells an official overall vehicle status, driven hours, and duty status.

The driver can edit most of these data. However, driven hours are not editable. After sending data to officials, they review it for violations.

Why Should You Go for an ELD?

ELD Mandate is complicated; nevertheless, an essential and life-changing thing for modern trucking. It makes data accurate, and its transfer quite simple. It saves trucker’s time and improves road safety.

The last ELD deadline is coming soon, and it is your chance to implement this device for your profit and safety.