Improve Your Sleep as a Truck Driver: Easy Tips for Falling Asleep

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The right amount of sleep is vital not only for truckers but for any other regular person. However, truckers live in an environment that can ruin your sleeping schedule, causing serious problems with attention, fatigue, and health in general.

We care about truckers. That’s why we have gathered some simple yet effective tips for improving your sleeping experience. Sometimes it is just a simple problem that can be easily removed by one of these tips. Let us dive in!

Tips for Falling Asleep

The main advice you should consider, before proceeding to read our tips, is to never drive to exhaustion. You should stop whenever you feel tired because the consequences may be devastating.

And now let’s check out our tips:

  1. Eliminate the noise. It can be distracting. There are some things that can help: earplugs, white noise app (sleep app) on the phone, low-key music.
  2. Get a good quality mattress and pillow.
  3. Purchase a suitable blanket or comforter.
  4. To create extra comfort, get an insulation pad that will help minimize cold and light from outside the truck.
  5. Use better places to stop and sleep. Obviously, truck stops and rest areas are the best. However, it can still be noisy out there, so consider that.
  6. Try to avoid stressful situations and conversations before sleep.
  7. Do not eat much before going to sleep. If you must to consider fruit or light snacks.
  8. Start some sort of routine activity before sleep, so your body programs itself that you need to go to bed when you do the thing.
  9. Eliminate any light, it can mess with your brain.
  10. Take a hot shower if you have a chance.
  11. No coffee or caffeinated beverages within 6 hours before bedtime.

Don’t neglect your sleeping hours, because your health is more important than your income. Care for yourself and your habits, and you will see that being a healthy trucker is possible.