How to Save Money as Trucker: 5 Smartest Tips

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Written by Mike Skliar

Trucking forces many drivers to spend a lot of their time on the road, away from home. They don’t have much choice when it comes to buying necessary things. Prices at some places are high, and drivers are compelled paying through the nose for essential things.

Salary of the trucker is not on the same level as a living index. Prices are going up while trucker’s salary hasn’t really changed through the years. So many products are really expensive and will eat a hole in your budget.

Our goal is to give you tips for saving money in any possible way. Keep your savings in your wallet!

Don’t Buy Supplies on the Road

Before going on the road, organize your supplies and buy all the necessities in the local store. It is even better to already have all the essential things in your truck. Prices on truck stops are way higher because that’s how they make their income.

Pack Some Food from Home

Spend some time to prepare food for yourself and take it with you. You’ll find it more comfortable, safer, and cheaper than buying it in a new untrusted place. Restaurant meals are expensive if you eat them daily, also they’re not always healthy and good for you.

All you need is a little fridge or a thermobag where you can store your snacks. It is a convenient way to beat hunger whenever it hits you without a need to go to the truck stop.

Also, you likely won’t get food poisoning because you prepared this food and you know what you’ve put in it.

Don’t Neglect Reward/Points Programs

Big chain stops have those programs. You can save some points and exchange them for free showers or else. Take advantage of these.


Use it wherever you can find it. Don’t waste your cell phone money on data when you can get it for free. 

You can connect to Wi-Fi at any truck stop or restaurant. Just ask the staff for a password, it is not hard.

Try to Pay Cash

Avoid using a credit card and abandon cash advances. When paying cash, you can always see how much you have and how much left. It is a good way to control your spendings.

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