Fuel Saving Tips for Owner Operators

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It is not a secret that fuel was always one of the biggest money consumers in trucking. As an owner operator, you can control these expenses by practicing some useful tips. 

Here are 4 most helpful advice that will help you to save some money on fuel.

Going Slow

Long story short, driving slower can save you a lot of money.

If you maintain your RPMs low by going on cruising speed, lowers fuel consumption. Reducing your speed to 55 and improving your MPG to 8, an average mile will cost you about $0,40. Because according to the Department of Energy, every 5 mph that is over 50 costs extra $0,19 per gallon. For example, if your MPG = 6, then at average $3,25 for a gallon, each mile will cost $0,54.

Cruise Control is Good

Cruise control allows you to maintain flat speed. Newer vehicles with automatic transmissions also help to correct shift timing and minimizing fuel consumption.

Also, avoiding hard braking and immoderate acceleration can help minimize fuel paycheck. You don’t need to hit the brake pedal with all your strength. 

Idling Is Mostly Unnecessary

You don’t always need idling your truck. It is already estimated that it can waste a gallon of fuel per hour. The first thing you can do is simply shutting down the engine and wait for the load/unload process or else. 

The other thing you can do is to purchase an Auxiliary Power Unit with your truck. It can lessen fuel consumption by reducing idle time. In general, 10 hours of idling during break through the day consumes about 10 gallons of fuel that cost about $32,50 a day. APU can reduce that number to $29,25 a day.

Proper Truck Maintenance

Of course, it is a valid point, as a properly maintained vehicle will consume less fuel while showing perfect performance. Inspections, annual maintenance, and good tire inflation will spare some bucks for you. Also, axle alignment improves handling that, in turn, improves miles per gallon.

Be sure to follow these tips, and we are sure that you can save a good amount of money over a year.