Distracted Driving: What Factors are the Most Dangerous

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Written by Mike Skliar

It is not a secret that distracted driving leads to catastrophic accidents. According to statistics, more than 25% of all accidents on the road are caused by distracted driving.


The analysis of police reports from the past few years showed what the major factors of distracted driving that led to fatal crashes.

Daydreaming Or Generally Distracted

By far it is the most common cause of fatalities, up to 62% from all cases. Lost in thought driver can be easily distracted and his mind won’t be ready for that fast reaction to an accident situation.


This one is not a surprise. Using your phone or other devices while driving is the second major factor of fatal accidents, up to 12% from all cases. Even hands-free options can be the cause.

Events, Objects, People Outside the Cab

This one is the third case that takes 7% from all accidents. Gawking at something or someone outside your cab is a strong distraction factor.

Passengers and Pets

People inside your car can be a source of distraction by demanding your attention. Other occupants cause 5% from all fatal accidents.

Reaching For Devices or Objects, You’ve Brought Into the Vehicle

As stated above, using your phone while driving it is a serious distraction factor. However, according to police reports, even leaning for the phone or any other object can distract you enough and lead to an accident. Reaching for phone or other things inside the cab takes 2% from all fatal crashes.

Eating Or Drinking

Even taking a quick sip from the cup or bottle in the cupholder can lead to a crash. Eating and drinking while operating a vehicle takes 2% from all accidents.

Changing the Station or Adjusting the A/C

According to statistical data, even changing the song can distract enough for the driver to get into an accident. This one also takes 2% from all cases.

Adjusting Things That Help You to Operate the Vehicle

Like adjusting the mirrors or seatbelt. It takes only 1% of all accidents, but it still exists.

Moving Objects

Moving things like insects or your pets can distract your attention from the road. Moving objects take 1% from all accidents.


Smoking is bad for you in general but when you smoke and drive – there is 1% chance you get in the fatal accident.


We advise you to get plenty of sleep, to eat healthily, to adjust all the things in the cab before going on the road. Also, try not to use gadgets in high traffic and keep them near your hand so you can grab them without distracting from the road.

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