Can I Drive a Semi Truck With a Bad Driving Record?

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Written by Mike Skliar

A Motor Vehicle Record, or MVR, is an official document that provides information about a person’s driving history. It typically includes details such as the individual’s driver’s license status, traffic violations, accidents, suspensions, and other relevant information related to their activities as a motor vehicle operator.

For semi truck owners, it is crucial to keep their MVR clean as it is required to obtain a CDL and work. However, sometimes the odds can not be in our favor, and accidents happen, leading to ruined record. Can you drive a semi truck with a bad driving record? We are going to find out in this article.

How Bad Trucking Record is Received?

A trucking record is really easy to ruin. Usually, people think that poor driving history or a history of safety violations are the main reasons for ruined MVR, but this is not always the case in trucking. As the trucking industry has multiple regulations, violating them, in addition to poor driving, can affect your MVR. Some of the most common violations among truck drivers include:

  • Driving violation. It includes speeding, tailgating, not obeying traffic signs, and reckless driving.
  • Not using a seatbelt. Failing to wear a seat belt is a common violation that applies to all drivers.
  • Logbook violation. Failure to accurately maintain and update a logbook can lead to violations.
  • Overweight loads. Truck drivers must comply with weight limits for their vehicles to ensure safe operation and prevent damage to roads and infrastructure.
  • Equipment violation. Poorly maintained vehicle and failed equipment are subject to getting fined.
  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence). It is one of the most severe violations and will end up with a suspended license and jail time.
  • HoS violation. Exceeding allowable driving hours without sufficient rest will lead to violations.

While there are violations that will end a trucker’s career for sure, some of them are not that severe and, depending on truckers’ experience and attitude, won’t have any effect on their job opportunities.

Can Bad Trucking Record Affect Trucking Career?

A truck driver’s career might be severely hindered by a poor driving record in a number of ways. Safety and regulatory compliance are top priorities for trucking companies, and a record of violations or accidents could limit job prospects. Poor driving records raise questions about a driver’s capacity to operate commercial vehicles safely and ethically, thus many employers are reluctant to hire them. Insurance rates may increase for trucking businesses as well as individual drivers, which would affect financial choices and make it more difficult for drivers with a poor driving history to find reasonably priced coverage.

In order to mitigate the effects of a poor driving record, drivers should be proactive in resolving any problems. This could entail taking safety training courses, getting better at driving, and exhibiting a fresh dedication to following the law. Regaining a good reputation in the trucking community can be facilitated by keeping an accurate logbook, abiding by hours-of-service rules, and remaining up to date on changes in the industry. Drivers can improve their chances of finding work, getting better insurance, and eventually progressing in their trucking careers by following these guidelines.

Trucking Companies That Hire Drivers With Bad Driving Record

It is imperative that truckers with a bad record be truthful and open throughout the application process. Chances of you getting employed or accepted to haul as an owner-operator are increasing by giving truthful information about prior violations and showing dedication to compliance and safety. Addressing and correcting any flaws through the completion of safety training programs can also help. Remember that each business has its unique hiring practices, so before applying, it’s best to speak with recruiters directly and review any company-specific policies.

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