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Written by Mike Skliar

A tanker is not the easiest truck driving job. Usually, it is a high pay type of work but often associated with the transportation of dangerous loads. So it demands highly skilled and attentive truckers. And you should be ready for this. Even if you transport milk, you should remember that liquid will move inside the tanker and thrust or slow down the truck. You will need time to adapt to this. 

Your responsibilities will include not only transporting cargo but also take part in loading and unloading the tankers. A lot of truckers enjoy this because of the change of activity and pace. And you will have to wash your tanker after every load.

That’s why tanker hauling is one of the highest paying trucking jobs. So let’s talk about its most popular types. 

Hazmat Trucking Jobs

The highest earnings and greatest danger are about the hazmat trucking. You will transport different chemicals and other materials like explosives, oxidizing substances, flammable or combustible liquids, solids, gases, petroleum products, poisons, corrosive and radioactive materials. You must be extremely careful not only when transporting such substances, but also when loading/unloading them. And remember that you need a hazardous materials endorsement for doing this job.

Pneumatic Tankers Jobs

These trailers, also known as dry bulk, are used to transport building materials (cement, sand), food products (flour, grains, sugar), and sometimes chemical products like plastic pellets. You will unload it using a special pneumatic system, so it is really important to understand mechanisms and operating procedures. There are a lot of local jobs for dry bulk tankers, so maybe it is what are you looking for?

Food Grade Tankers Jobs

There are trailers that used only for food transportation. You cannot transport chemicals with them. Usually, you will haul animal fat, alcohol, milk and other liquid dairy, vegetable oils, fruit juices, corn syrup, vinegar, and other types of liquid foods. Also, food tank trailers must comply with strict safety and sanitary standards to be used for transporting food. You will earn a little bit less than hazmat haulers. But it is clean work without the risk.

If you have your own tanker trailer and are looking for a job, Owner Operator Land is there to help you. So apply now, and we’ll choose the company that meets your expectations the most.

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