5 Things That Professional Truckers Shouldn’t Do

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Written by Mike Skliar

Do you consider yourself a professional driver? Professionalism is not something you can earn in a day. You need a lot of work and time to get the skills and experience. Any profession has its ups-and-downs when time passes you learn how to overcome any difficulty. Let’s take a look at five things a professional driver never does.

Going Too Fast on the Steep Heels

Speeding, in general, is not something you want to do. Exceeding the speed limits when you go down the hill can cause you to lose control over a truck. When you go up the hill, there is a risk of a crash with another vehicle that went overtaking.

It is better to slow down and engage brakes more often. Steep hills and sharp turns are places where a professional driver shouldn’t ever going too fast.

Using Phone While Driving

If you are okay with using a phone while driving, you should be removed from the road. Wanna text some messages? Stop, do your thing, and then go. It is never okay to text while driving.

Letting ELD Make Decisions for You

ELD, in general, is a good thing. However, many truckers get frustrated by it and starting to speed up for extra miles. As we said before, speeding is never okay. The urge to get those extra miles lead to dangerous situations on the road.

Ignoring Road Conditions

Ignoring snow, rain, and ice for the purpose of getting miles faster is a straight way to an accident. Most wrecks in the winter are the result of speeding on the icy road.

Poor road conditions are a time to pay extra attention to the road or stopping at all. Better wait before the road is good again.

Driving When Tired

Slowed reaction, weakened attention span, low mental capacity, and many more. These things happen to you when you are tired behind the wheel.

With ELD implemented, it can say that you can be on your duty, but you are the one who decides if you rested enough. Get a good sleep and rest.

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