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Written by Owner Operator Team

Trucking Industry Expected to See Slower Growth in 2019

Last year was one of the best years for the truck market, but 2019 will get a little bit of a cool-down. The U.S. GDP in 2018 expanded at a 3,5% rate in the third quarter. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 312,000 job positions were added that year.

According to ATA (American Trucking Associations), more than 50,000 drivers left trucking, and this number is growing. Carriers must sweeten the pot to keep truckers on the road. Learn what experienced economists say about this.

New Cascadia Loaded up With New Options

Get ready for new updates in Freightliner Cascadia 2017. The new model has 35% fuel economy improvement, aerodynamic tow hook coverings, new deflectors, optimized front bumper, flexible front wheel well covers, optimized roof fairing deflector, optimized drive wheel fairings.

See more features and information about the new Cascadia here.

New York Won’t Issue ELD Citations Until State Adopts Rule

Until the New York adopts the U.S. DOT ELD rule, the ELD mandate citations will not be issued. This rule applies to interstate and intrastate carriers. Although inspectors may still request to see your ELD to verify HOS compliance, they permitted to download or transmit data from it.

This decision was accepted thanks to the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. Because earlier the state was enforcing the mandate without the adoption of the federal ELD rule. Learn more about the ELD issue here.

Myth busting: Robots Won’t Replace Truck Drivers

Some autonomous vehicles are expected to be a valuable part of the trucking industry within a decade. But there are still many questions and problems with this. For example, there is no way to recycle batteries from electric vehicles. And after all many drivers cannot be replaced with a robot. Some of them do a lot more work than just driving.

Read here to learn how autonomous vehicles can help trucking without eliminating drivers.