Owner operator land weekly trucking news digest #99

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Written by Owner Operator Team

The impact of Hurricane Ida on the trucking industry 

Not only Pennsylvania, but also Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island were hit by Hurricane Ida. More than 25 people were killed. There are 389 roads closed only in Pennsylvania. Here you can find more information about this terrible natural disaster. And in this post, CDLlife provides a list of the major chain truck stops that are closed due to the hurricane. 

Time management tips for truck drivers

Being a truck driver or owner-operator means dealing with electronic logging devices (ELDs). So sometimes your working routine looks like an exercise in fighting the system. In this post, you can find time management tips to help you maximize your Hours of Service (HOS).

Why is post-trip inspection important?

Every truck driver knows that all truck inspections are significant and must not be missed. But in this post, Gino Fontana from Transervice Logistics Inc. tells why post-trip inspection has the edge.

Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence award

Can you believe it, the winner will get a Kenworth T-680 truck. This award is being held among military veteran drivers and ten finalists have already been announced. Here you can find the whole Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence award program.

Everything you want to know about a Bill of Lading

Even if you’re just starting your truck career, you’ve probably heard of BOL. This is a legal document required for every load. In this post, you will find detailed information about a Bill of Lading and its importance, as well as the answer to the question “Why freight documents are going digital.”