Owner operator land weekly trucking news digest #97

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Written by Owner Operator Team

Why are you an owner-operator?

The American Transportation Research Institute is doing a study “Quantifying Job Motivating Factors for Owner-Operators / Independent Contractors and Company Drivers”. They ask truck drivers to provide information on what drives them to become owner-operators. You can fill-up the form and tell about yourself here

CVSA’s Brake Safety Week

This year’s Brake Safety Week is scheduled for August 22-28. So you still have a few days to check if your truck’s brakes are okay. In this post, you can find a list of what law enforcement officers who check brake systems will look for.

Why do female truckers choose TikTok?

According to the Women in Trucking Association, only 10% of truck drivers are women. To change this situation, it is necessary to overturn stereotypes in the industry. In this post, you can find the stories of Clarissa Rankin and Brenda Villanueva trying to do this as TikTok influencers.

Electronic inspections benefits  

The full weigh station inspections can be time-consuming for both the trucker and the officer due to all the manual data entry. That’s why new technology designed to automate inspection processes can really help save time. More about this here.

780,000 driver exams may be outstanding from the database

The National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners was offline from Dec. 1, 2017, through Aug. 13, 2018. Unfortunately, despite the fact that a lot of time has passed since then, 14,000 health care professionals haven’t uploaded 780,000 results of truck drivers’ exams. Read more about this strange situation here.