Owner operator land weekly trucking news digest #91

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Written by Owner Operator Team

Minneapolis Truck Parking Ban

On Wednesday, the Transportation and Public Works Committee voted 4-1 to recommend the restrictive parking ordinance to the full Minneapolis City Council for further consideration. Of course, the Minnesota Trucking Association opposed this proposal. Read more about the planned innovations here.

Factoring for owner-operators

Being an owner operator is not only about driving a truck. First of all, it is running your own business which not only generates income but also requires investment. This means that it is very important to receive payments from clients on time. And factoring companies can take care of invoicing the customer and collecting payment. Read more about this service here.

Staged accidents with commercial trucks in New Orleans

In New Orleans, investigations into an insurance fraud dubbed Operation Sideswipe are ongoing.  A group of people faked automobile accidents with tractor-trailers and 22 of them have pleaded guilty recently. And carriers coming back with lawsuits against scammers. Read more about this situation here.

What if you failed the DOT physical exam?

First of all, because sometimes a driver can fail a health exam for an invalid reason. In this post, Dr. Alexander Underwood tells what to do in such a situation and why you should never try to hide anything from your medical history.

California is a state with the worst traffic

TRIP’s America’s Interstate Highway System at 65 report provides the latest information on the infrastructure, including the ranking of the states with the worst traffic and highways. California, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Florida have the worst congestion. The whole information you can find here and here.