Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #57

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Written by Owner Operator Team

Additional winter truck parking to Interstate 80

The Wyoming DOT started work on additional winter truck parking and other safety improvements to Interstate 80. It is planned that this new parking will accommodate 100 trucks. The project will be completed in October 2022. Read more about this here

ATA’s efforts to keep trucks moving throughout the national crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic became a challenge for our economy. But the trucking industry survived. And the American Trucking Association made every effort for this because “trucking isn’t just the backbone of our economy — it’s the heartbeat of this nation.” Read more about this here.

Numerous fraud incidents regarding CDLs

Since 2016 and into 2020 there have been 33 indictments related to CDL fraud, resulting in 27 convictions and 41 sentencing. It is stated in the new annual report of The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General. Of course, the FMCSA must take steps to identify and prevent such situations. Read more about this here

Real truckers in FMCSA Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee

Rulemaking is a long and complicated process. And often, the result does not meet expectations because sometimes it can be difficult to follow them in the real world. That’s why FMCSA announced that they add drivers of commercial vehicles to its Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee. They believe it will help avoid potential pitfalls in final regulations. You can read more about this initiative here

Winter Is Coming. Truckers’ edition

In the CDLLife App, truckers share photos of their everyday life in real-time. And the last weekend was dedicated to winter, which has already arrived in some parts of our country. For example, they advise staying away from I 70 in Colorado. See all trucking winter photos here.