Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #46

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Written by Owner Operator Team

Women in the trucking industry

In a male-dominated trucking industry, running your own business can be a real challenge for women. But successful stories of owner-operators Sharron Lamber and Sharae Moore show that everything is possible. In this post, they talk about their way in the trucking business and why it is so important not just learning how to drive a truck, but also how to own a company.

The spotted lanternfly sightings quarantine zone

Have you ever been trucking to Pennsylvania? If yes, then you know exactly about the quarantine restrictions in connection with the spread of spotted lanternfly sightings. Unfortunately, this year their number has increased by almost 500%, that’s why two new counties have been added to the quarantine list. Read more about this situation here.

Driver and vehicle CVSA inspections 

2020 International Roadcheck by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) was rescheduled for September 9-11. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, safe driving issues should not be ignored. Read more about the upcoming inspections here.

Dump truck and a highway sign accident

“Not something you see every day,” the Arizona Department of Transportation said of the incident. A dump truck’s bed hit a freeway sign. How did this happen? Nobody knows. But you can see photos of the accident here.