Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #44

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Written by Owner Operator Team

Owner-operators during pandemic conditions

The coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted the economy as a whole. But, of course, it is much harder for small and medium-sized businesses. In this post, you can read about the American Truck Business Services survey on how this situation affected owner-operators’ business. 

Weird noises of your truck

Of course, your truck is not a luxury car, and it can deal with just terrible roadways. So some of its parts can vibrant, or you can hear some weird noises. And a lot of truckers just don’t care about this. In this post, you can read why it is important to pay attention even to such minor sounds and changes in the operation of the truck.

California Freight Mobility Plan 2020

The California State Transportation Agency released a new “California Freight Mobility Plan 2020”. This document says that the state plans to focus on transitioning to zero and near-zero-emission freight fleet, supporting marine highways and short line rail, solve the problem with parking zones, and reduce environmental impacts. Read the main aspects of the Plan here or the whole document here.

Handwashing tips for truck drivers

Did you know that pump handles contain 11,000 times more germs than a toilet seat in a public restroom? That’s why it is extremely important to wash your hands properly or use sanitizer with more than 60% of alcohol. Read more tips that can help you to keep safe from COVID-19 here and here.

12 tips on how to stay safe driving through protests

The truck driver’s job has never been calm or completely safe. But in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic and protests were added to the constant problems. In a new post, CDLlife explains how truckers should operate in areas of protest or civil unrest to stay safe.

Jobs for owner-operators

Are you an owner-operator and looking for a job? Owner Operator Land is a big recruiter agency in the transportation industry, and we are there to help you. We collaborate with dozens of logistics companies that hire owner-operators with a variety of trucks and trailers. Don’t waste your time – find a job that will satisfy your needs. For more information, call us (855) 805-5262, (855) 528-1818, (866) 907-9068 or fill-up the form on our website.