Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #42

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Written by Mike Skliar

How to run the 13-truck fleet with zero debt 

Ed Burns & Sons Trucking is a small company based in Denver, Indiana. Owners say their profit margin was close to 13% last year, and it is without debt. How they do this? Read the full story of success here

Phone tree, standard operating procedures and other tips for building long-term relationships with shippers

In any business, it is extremely important to build a trusting and long-term relationship with the client. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the loss of about 100,000 trucking jobs, which means you need to work even harder to keep your head above the water. In their new blog post, Trucks.com tells how to start a relationship with shippers in the right way.

The best trucker apps that will help you during the road 

Thanks to different apps, you can have access to the weather live traffic reports, diesel prices, and others just via your cell phone. In this post, you can find the list of best trucker apps 2020 that will help you in your everyday work. 

Iowa 80 Trucking Museum virtual tour

Let’s take a stroll through the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum just using your laptop! You will see a huge collection of antique trucks and other trucking memorabilia. Interested? See the full tour here

Why truck drivers’ feedback is important

How can trucking companies create better conditions for their drivers and solve the problem of their turnover? Illinois-based carrier Roadrunner Freight decided to ask its drivers for anonymous feedback. And it works! Read more about its experience here

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