Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #39

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Written by Owner Operator Team

Additional time to renew expired CDLs and medical certificates

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Authority has extended a waiver that gives truck drivers extra time to renew their expired CDLs and medical certificates because of the coronavirus pandemic. Here you can know the new deadline date and read several other news.

Fleets’ own safe driver policy

Despite the existence of state or federal laws, it is better to have a fleet policy to prevent distracted driving. Read tips on how to implement a driver safety policy here. And about new in-cab technologies to improve safety here.

Truck drivers, protests and defunded police departments

Truckers’ work becomes more and more dangerous and not only because of coronavirus. The new problem is protests. CDLlife conducted a survey among drivers, and it turned out that 79% say they will refuse loads to cities with disbanded or defunded police departments. No load is worth risking trucker’s health or even life.

Driving with pets

Trucker life can be lonely. That’s why a lot of drivers choose to travel with pets. And what about you? In this post, you can read advice that can help you to make your trips with pets more comfortable.

Hand sanitizers can be dangerous 

Because of the danger of COVID-19, we have to use hand sanitizers dozens of times during the day. In this post, you can read how sanitizers can cause burns and what you should do to protect your hands.