Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #37

Truck for a hero section
Written by Owner Operator Team

How do truck drivers stay safe during protests?

Have you heard of a case when a truck driver Bogdan Vechirko was injured by protesters in Minnesota several days ago? According to official information, he unintentionally drove into the crowd. He didn’t know that the interstate had been closed. The question is: How can truckers get through this without adding fuel to the flames? Read more here.

USDOT helps truckers during the COVID-19

In response to the coronavirus disease, it was announced that 2.1M cloth facial coverings will be sent to the trucking industry. Also, USDOT will help mass transit and passenger rail, aviation, and Maritime industries and others. You can read more on their official website.

Trucking Companies’ Battle 

CRST Expedited sues TransAm Trucking because of the “abduction” of its trained drivers. Before this, CRST Expedited had a successful lawsuit against Swift Transportation on a similar issue. Read the background of the situation with TransAm Trucking, and it results here

Coronavirus testing for truck drivers in Arkansas 

In this post, read not only about health clinics in Arkansas where you can receive a COVID-19 test but also about new rest areas on the state and about saving the driver from a burning truck. BTW the full list of coronavirus testing locations in Arkansas, you can found here.

The “Big Dig” project in Los Angeles County

Are you from the LA area and looking for a job? Officials are planning to hire a group of local truckers to assist with a four-year project. The “Big Dig” project will restoration Devil’s Gate reservoir and improve the dam structural integrity. Are you interested in this opportunity? Read more here.