Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #32

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Written by Owner Operator Team

IRP and IFTA deadline changes due to the Coronavirus 

Do you want to know about all the updates in IRP and IFTA deadlines in every state? Find all the information here.

How can the state support the trucking industry?

Truck drivers play a key role in supporting the economy now. They will also help us to go out of the crisis. But they also need support! In this post, Chris Spear, President and CEO of American Trucking Associations tells how federal officials in Congress and the administration can provide a stable foundation of support.

Stay or not to stay at home? Owner-operators’ choice

Drivers have faced many pandemic challenges. There are lower rates, shuttered shippers, fear of catching the virus and bringing it home. This post tells about independent contractors who decided to park their trucks. About the experience of owner-operators who are still trucking read here

Good things are happening too!

News sites are full of information about the pandemic, the economic crisis, and rising unemployment. Sometimes it starts to seem that nothing good is already happening. But this is not true! Check out this interesting post about 5 good things that happened in trucking last week.