Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #29. Coronavirus Issue

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Written by Owner Operator Team

First challenges for the trucking industry

American Trucking Association is telling about the problems they have because of the pandemic and how they are trying to solve them. For example, the closing of 35 rest stops in Pennsylvania. You can read more here about how they are trying to help trucks keep rolling.

How to protect yourself from the disease

When most Americans are staying home and work from there, truckers don’t have such an opportunity. In this post, you will learn several tips on protecting yourself from COVID-19.

Free Meals for Truckers

Arkansas fire department, located on 145th Street in Little Rock, offering free meals for truckers. In these difficult times, it is so important to do everything we can to help each other. More about this great decision here

Good news for fast food lovers

McDonald’s is creating a new ordering system for truck drivers. So you will be able to order and pay via an app and then take your food at the designated Trucker curbside sign. Read more in this post.

Instruction for truck drivers who feel COVID-19 symptoms on the road

Even if you spent most of the time alone, use antiseptics and wash your hands more often. Unfortunately, there’s still a chance to catch the coronavirus. So it is better to know what to do in this situation, especially if you are on the road. Stay safe!