Owner Operator Land Weekly Trucking News Digest #24

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Written by Owner Operator Team

Serious Problem with Detention Time

Detention time issue has been lurking around for years. Oftentimes, truckers have to wait for hours without any recompense.

This article shows how much detention time costs for truckers.

Leasing or Owning a Class 8 Truck

What is the difference between owning a class 8 truck or leasing it? There are pros and cons from both sides, and truckers decide what is better for them.

This post shows the advantages and disadvantages of owning and leasing a Class 8 Truck.

How to Prepare Your Fleet for Cold Times

As seasons change, you should prepare your vehicles for cooler temperatures. This is an essential thing to do if you don’t want to put risk on your truck or your life.

This post tells how to be prepared colder times.

Next Week is a Brake Safety Week: Are You Ready For Inspection

From September 15 to 20 road inspection will focus on brakes, specifically on brake hoses and tubing.

We hope you are well prepared. If not, check out this post to learn more about the inspection.

Rates are Up Since September Began

Rates rise in August continued in September and it is good news. Numbers are up by 7% on the last week.

Check out this post to see real numbers for van, reefer and flatbed rates.